Google Cloud Platform Training

Get Google Cloud Platform (GCP) training from an approved Google trainer partner. Whether its certification, exams, or training to skill-up your team in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Jumping Bean has a course that suits your needs.

Build a solid and comprehensive understanding of the services and technologies available on Google Cloud to enhance your career and, if you are interested in  certification, ensure you pass your certification on your first attempt.

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Why Get Google Cloud Certified?

Google Cloud Platform is one of the top three global cloud providers and with the growth of a hybrid approach to cloud service providers GCP is certain to remain in the mix of solutions used by companies across the globe.

Now that Google's data centre in South Africa is open, the demand for GCP skills will sky-rocket in Africa. The shortage of cloud computing-related skills across the world is even acute with respect to GCP;  resulting in lucrative opportunities for those with the required skills and experience. Get GCP certified and get a job.

Google Cloud Platform provides a plethora of services that can be leveraged in a myriad of IT careers from scalable infrastructure to artificial intelligence and machine learning and data science.  Get GCP certified and turbo boost your career.

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