Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Big Data & Machine Learning Training

Learn how to leverage the big data and machine learning services available on Google Cloud Platform to gain insights and a competitive advantage over your competitors by mining your data. The course will cover how to load, store and analyse your data using the most appropriate tools and services for your requirements on GCP.

Course Outlines

Duration: 1 Day
Price: R7,000 (ex vat)

Module 1: Introduction to Google Cloud

  • Identify the different aspects of Google Cloud’s infrastructure
  • Identify the big data and ML products that form Google Cloud

Module 2: Product Recommendations Using Cloud SQL and Spark

  • Review how businesses use recommendation models
  • Evaluate how and where you will compute and store your housing rental model results
  • Analyse how running Hadoop in the cloud with Dataproc can enable scale
  • Evaluate different approaches for storing recommendation data off-cluster

Module 3: Predicting Visitor Purchases Using BigQuery ML

  • Analyse big data at scale with BigQuery
  • Learn how BigQuery processes queries and stores data at scale
  • Walkthrough key ML terms: features, labels, training data
  • Evaluate the different types of models for structured datasets
  • Create custom ML models with BigQuery ML

Module 4: Real-time Dashboards with Pub / Sub, Dataflow, and Google Data Studio

  • Identify modern data pipeline challenges and how to solve them at scale with Dataflow
  • Design streaming pipelines with Apache Beam
  • Build collaborative real-time dashboards with Data Studio

Module 5: Deriving Insights from Unstructured Data Using Machine Learning

  • Evaluate how businesses use unstructured ML models and how the models work
  • Choose the right approach for machine learning models between pre-built and custom
  • Create a high-performing custom image classification model with no code using AutoML


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